8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By captainOCD
I'm hoping to go on a 1000 mile round trip roadtrip this week in my 928. I packed some stuff in preparation for my trip and that got me curious what other people normally bring (thought it could be a fun topic).

Normally I just drive this car around town, but it has gone on a 300 mile trip in one day before. Anyway, I'm probably being overly cautious here with what I'm bringing, but here we go:

-Spare LH and EZF computer from my running-but-not-yet-on-the-road 86.5
-Full set of metric box wrenches (and the factory toolkit)
-A couple screwdrivers and 90 degree pick (for wiring connector clips)
-19mm socket on a big ass 1/2" ratchet (for wheel lugs)
-8mm & 5mm long hex keys and accompanying 3/8" ratchet
-1/4" deep well metric socket set and ratchet
-quart of oil (although engine has never burned any)

in addition to stuff I normally keep in the car:

-full set of spare belts
-original (working) tire inflator
-spare fuel pump
-bag of 53 relays, fuses, and wire jumpers
-fire extinguisher
By SeanR
I used to pack up everything including a jack and stands. Now days when we go to an event I just pack a suitcase, some relays and fuses and my head. I figure with all the 928 owners there all the tools and supplies I will need will already be on location and I'll just either do the work or give the advice.

Now if I were to pack up some stuff.

Small metric socket kit with accompanying ratchets and extensions.
Box of gear wrenches both long and shorty.
Allen sockets and keys.
Bit of wire, connectors, solder gun and heat shrink.
Silicone tape.
LH (EZK's usually don't fail)
2 gal distilled H2O
Jug of oil (5qt)
Breaker bar and 27mm socket
Small, low profile jack.
Impact gun
Couple different screw drivers.

More I'm sure but it's been a while since I've packed up for a trip.
By captainOCD
I like the bourbon
By ChrisZ
Set of 1/4 Snap on sockets up to 17mm. Really good for getting into tight places and if I need more torque than that I have a serious problem.
Snap on small wrenches set, also up to 17mm
Screwdrivers, wrenches, vise grips
Piece of wire to bypass bad relays
Spare fuses
Whole bunch of cleaning supplies
Gallon of everclear (if I run out of fuel)
Pretty complete 928 toolkit set.

That's enough to fix most of the problems that will pop up, anything bigger and I'd flatbed it home or to Mr. Merlin's
By UKKid35
Almost every hand tool I own, repair kits, full set of pads, collapsible axle stands, bulbs relays fuses

Plus fluids, oil, brake, ATF, water

Also, if I'm lucky I get to borrow a spare LH from a 928 buddy
By linderpat
It sure seems like everyone packs a ton - Why so much stuff? Are your cars unreliable? If I had to bring all those things that most are packing, I'd take a different car. :hiding:
I do bring a few sockets and wrenches, plus the tool kit already in the car. I always have a few relays and fuses in the glove box and mounted on top of the CE panel, plus a jumper wire. Anything else would be flatbed
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By ChrisZ
Well, it turned out to be really handy to have carried a jumper wire, fuses, flat head driver, and an emery board at SITM to help that guy.
By Redgt
Two years ago when making the trip to Atlanta for Rendezvous 928, best preventative maintenance before I left was take car to Dave (worf928) and have him do complete intake refresh, etc. Took small tool bag and some relays and off for 2400 mile round trip without a blip! Keep up with regular maintenance and these cars are reliable! Big thanks to Dave!
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By Stepson
Everything but an alternator. :)
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By hessank
I also carry one of these
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By Sazerac
Great thread!

My kit is a work in progress:
1.) All OEM fuses (not Chinese stuff), most relays (not Chinese stuff) and a relay jumper (homemade :-))
2.) MAS, LH Unit, spare ignition mosfet
3.) Tools need to change those things including:
1/4" Stahlwille socket set
set of wrenches
long standard screwdriver

Have to check this thread and compare notes. Very good thread! Thanks, OCD!
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