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By linderpat
Just wondering what's going on with Dave and Jeannie - this is the first time in memory where I see the thread for the event started, and not once did Dave jump in, or Jeannie. Folks are also saying nobody has received confirmation yet. I wonder if Dave is OK? Very odd; very quiet for such a big event normally. (I know it has shrunk in recent years, but it is still one of the significant shark gatherings). Anybody know what's going on?
By Bertrand Daoust
I was wondering the same thing.
I hope both are ok.
By Adamant1971
I registered but won’t be going due to the border still being closed. But the same here, no email response. Maybe call the hotel snd ask if the event is still on?

I hope they are ok.
By Adamant1971
Realized I have Dave’s cell so I just sent him a text.
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By Adamant1971
He responded and sounds like they will be there as every other year.
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By The Fat Man
I got a confirmation e-mail back in April.

I reached out to Jeannie via e-mail. She said they were a bit behind this year.
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