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By Adamant1971
Sunday May 23rd. Niagara cruise

Starting in Burlington Ontario at approximately 9 am. Finishing at Brock’s monument in Niagara Falls.

Not sure how many Ontario residents are here.

More details to come. :)
By Cymadesign
I’m in. I live in Niagara so will get a two way ride. See you in Burlington on the 23rd
By hessank
Will probably miss this. I'm still in the middle of house repairs in Florida (painting now).
I'm not returning until the lockdown is over because I refuse to go to Hotel Hell.
My wife and I are fully vaccinated (1st and 2nd - Pfizer) and safe here.
By Adamant1971
Your gonna be there in Florida for a long while then. And that’s not a bad thing. ;)
By Adamant1971
Sorry but I’m canceling this cruise.

The stay at home order has been extended to June 2nd. And my fuel pump is making a hell of a noise. :(
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