8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By G8RB8
Fixing loose seats
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B085N ... UTF8&psc=1

You’ll need four each of the PG7 and PG9
Use the flat nut from the PG7 at the front of the screw it will press fit onto the bushing.
Cut the gland off the PG9 with a hacksaw or something leaving the hex part.
Use the flat nut from the PG9 in the shuttle. You’ll have to sand in down to get a press fit. I put them in front but I don’t think it matters.
The barrel from the PG9 goes on the back end of the screw. It will be tight but you can screw it up the threads far enough to get it back in.
Enlarge the hole where the bushing was in the rear until the barrel will fit. I used a Dremel because I couldn’t find my step bit.
Put the shuttle back on the screw with the nut spacer inside.
Screw the PG9 bushing up far enough to get the screw back in.
Put the nut from the PG7 on the front of the screw. You can go ahead and press fit it with the nut or fiddle with it when it’s in.
Put the front together.
Put the gland nut on the rear of the rod now because the threads won’t start once the barrel is in place. There’s a screw in the way.
Run the barrel down and through the hole then tighten everything up.

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By checkmate1996
Kevin on r*list was working on a prototype to resolve this issue. I've also purchased thick washers and cut a pie shape out of them with a dremel and then just tapped them in over the rail with a light hammer until they "snap in". Voila. Problem solved.
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