8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By Tony
2 things...

1...What is the torque value for the 6 hinge bolts on the door. I didnt see any specific reference on the pdf sheet.

2...huge shout out to maddog2020 the tip of drilling and pinning the front door hinges before removal. This allows almost precise initial alignment of the door when reinstalling it .

Two 1/8 inch in holes drilled through before loosening and removing the 3 bolts on each hinge assembley.

Im sure this will save me a major headache when i come to any further door adjustment. :beerchug:
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By worf
WSM has no guidance for torque on hinge bolts.

M8 bolt right? So, use 20-22 N-m standard torque as guidance and "feel". I'd probably torque to 16-18-ish and then use the 'wrist torque wrench' to get a feel for how tight it is before going further to 20-22.

Those look like the shallow head Alans with the guide point. So, what is it? DIN 52xx socket with guide pin. I have the two sizes used on 928s, but forgot the DIN number. Just like the seat bolts etc.

I can find URLs for the sockets if you want to buy the right tools for this.
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By worf
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By h2pmr
clever idea drilling aligning holes first, could also be used for small screws to stop the hinge moving if the bolts came slightly slack and have never seen a hex bit with the guide pin before, ideal as the door hinge and seat runner bolts are quite easy to round.
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