8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By Addlight
This project started with something I saw Stan (MrMerlin) do: he recovered the door panel inserts with Pascha material. I thought this would look great and add a little brightness to my otherwise all black interior. My existing inserts are fine, so I figured I would cut new ones that I can swap in or out.

Has anyone done this? If not, is it because they have a better idea, an easier idea? Any suggestions as I move along to make the project better/ easier?

I bought some 1/8" fiberboard and shaped it to match the insert. I will test fit it and sand until it is right. Once It is, I will use it as the template for the insert on the other side.

Then, drill the holes for the clips (plastic clips at top and metal tabs on bottom), cover it in 1/8" foam and then cut pascha and shape it to the insert. Pull it tight and adhesive it to the back, then 1/8 staples to hold the back. Insert the clips and put it all in the car. The one bummer is I will lose the stitching that is in the factory insert. I have no tool that will stitch through material and 1/8 inch wood like Porsche did.

Again, comments, suggestions welcome. If anyone is interested, I can post the templates, dimensions and patterns once I have them right.

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By Geza-aka-Zombo
Looks like a cool project. One suggestion I have is take a picture of your interior, and experiment with different designs or colors on the computer. When I was deciding on my new carpet color (changing from Linen) I used MS Paint to mess around.

By Wisconsin Joe
Looks like a cool project.

A couple thoughts - I bet Mark at 928 International has some beat up panels. Ones where the covering fabric/vinyl/leather is toast, but the 'inner workings' are still useable.

That would all the hardware intact, and stitch holes in the panel to allow you to have the stitching. You'd have to do it by hand, but that's just a bit time consuming. I've redone some leather stuff, hand stitching through the existing holes.

Alternatively, find a harness shop (for horses). They have some serious sewing machines. They would be able to tell you what you could use as the board that they would be able to sew through.
By Addlight
Thanks, guys.My first iteration is going to be pretty simple, but you have given me an idea for how I can add the stitching. I think I can drill very small holes about every quarter inch along the factory pattern line and stitch through those with a black upholstery thread. The first set I do won't have this, but the second set will.

I had to buy plenty of fiber board and a big piece of pascha, so I will have plenty of materials to experiment with.

One thing I think is very interesting is that it seems the board in the original inserts were handcut. They are not exactly the same on either side in my car and have imperfections. I guess some guy was in the factory cutting these one by one to match some template.

By Gary Knox

Could you please give me the full length and height of these inserts? I'd also like the height and length of the 'tongue' portion that extends toward the door handle.

Reason is that I'm on the Hawaii 'Big Island' where Koa trees grow and are harvested for a few days, and would like to find a piece of Koa that could be used to fabricate these door inserts.

THANKS for your help.

Gary Knox
By Addlight
Here are the dimensions of my new cut panel, which fits for my car.

Some of the numbers might be unclear, so, the bottom horizontal length is 23.5", the height under the door handle is 3.58".

All of my measurements are to 1/8 of an inch.

On the original insert from my car the bottom curved slightly up toward the front of the panel (under the door handle). I'm not sure if it is supposed to but I curved mine like the original. This part tucks into the door panel and is not visible and so I don't think it matters much.

I believe you can make a more square insert where vertical heights are consistent and you will be just fine.

By Gary Knox
Thank you immensely Matt. I now know exactly what to search for.


By Addlight
I am probably irrationally excited that my Pascha fabric will arrive today.

I have cut my inserts and put the holes in the appropriate places. I installed replacement plastic clips in them, and will reuse the spring clips from my existing inserts.

I then used 3M headliner adhesive to glue 1/4" closed cell upholstery foam over the front of the insert. I trimmed the foam and then shaved/sanded all the way around to give it a beveled edge. I test fitted it to make sure it wasn't too thick or interfere with the fitment of the door handle trim.

Last step is to wrap it with the Pascha, secure it with adhesive and 1/8" staples and then Scotchguard the hell out of it before installation.

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By Charlie
Sorry I just saw this thread - maybe too late for this comment.

I have been doing some upholstery so I have the general idea how this should work, and you can also see video on YouTube (search for "Cechaflo" - he is a wizard - and you will see a project that is almost the same thing).

The short version is: You don't need to stitch through the panel. Also, I'm not sure that panel material would survive a heavy duty sewing machine. Just stitch through your Pascha and the foam and glue it to the panel.

It should look great without the stitching however. Your foam looks good.
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By Hey_Allen
I've been watching the Checaflo youtube channel for a while now, and just added Alchemy Kustoms to my fabrication watching list.

Checaflo is a master of upholstery, while Alchemy is more diverse in the subject matter, doing some upholstery, but also sheet metal, plumbing, and other various hotrod shop tasks.

With my 928 being as rough as it was when I took possession, it's a prime candidate for some resto-modification as I have been bringing it back, and it's giving me plenty of chances to pick up new skills along the way. A bit of bodywork, some upholstery, some ac line fabrication to make the LS1 ac to the stock evaporator core...

This thread started me thinking again about trim upholstery for the interior.
The filler panels below the dash, on either side of the center console are missing from my car, and likely will end up with ABS sheet cut to fit, but there's no reason why they couldn't have some sort of upholstery to either make them blend in, or a contrasting material to compliment the rest of the interior...
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By Charlie
Hopefully you'll enjoy life in the upholstery rabbit hole. I quickly slid in up to my neck. The first step to downfall is a giant sewing machine. Mine is a Juki 1541S and as the salesman said, it will sew right up your arm if you do it wrong - not your mom's Kenmore. I covered my pod and it looks good and the carpet is about 1/2 complete. We will see this year how I'm doing when the dash and console are installed (and the carpet is finally finished).

Those panels are usually covered with carpet if I am reading this right.
By Addlight
I got the inserts installed this morning. Here are a couple photos. Not perfect, but I am happy, especially since it is reversible. Pascha ain't easy to work with. It's almost like a pile carpet in its construction and it really attracts lint. Another challenge is getting the lines even.

The passenger side photo has a weird shadow on it, the material is not stained like that. I put Pascha inside the center console, but I made it removable since I think it will probably get pretty dirty over time.

Still have enough Pascha to take one or two more runs at perfecting this. Next time, I would cut the wood slightly smaller all the way round to compensate for the Pascha's thickness.

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By Tony
Where did you get the fabric....

And how much did you need appx for 3 attempts or so at doing the panels.

I want to add a pascha accent to mine also.
By Addlight
For the material, I think the best option in the US is sierramadrecollection.com, which is a vintage Porsche shop. They have other color combinations in addition to white/black, such as brown/black and the blue/black.
https://sierramadrecollection.com/cart. ... rch=pascha

Although, I did not buy it off their web site; I bought it from them through eBay because it worked out slightly cheaper that way. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pasha-Checkerb ... SwsUFgW2jI

I bought one meter, which is measured like a bolt of fabric, so one meter long and about 56 inched wide. On their site they say you would need two meters to do the seat inserts of a 928.

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