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By h2pmr
years ago i fitted the new style aero wiper blades and they work great, but looking at it a couple of weeks ago the mounting onto the wiper arm itself looks very bulky and aftermarket - which it is.

95% of all the cars we see in our workshop now have them fitted as standard with the mounting point nice and flat and factory looking -which they are.

so looked into what models take a 19" wiper blade and what they look like and narrowed it down to a 2016 BMW 1 series passenger side wiper arm.

bought a second hand one from ebay, removed the mounting point from the actual arm and after a lot of measuring and finding a way to fully secure this mounting to a 928 arm, results are below.
this one is just a trial run, works fine, just need to make another pair and take some pictures of the process as to fitting to the arm, its not as simple as just crimping it to the arm.
but- in my eyes anyway- it's more factory looking, if porsche still made them anyway

will only work with the after 91 model twin spring wiper arm, as the earlier version has a different mounting angle, but you can only buy the after 91 model from Porsche now.
928 and the BMW arm's are RHD, as i live in the land of warm beer :beerchug:.

more pictures to follow when i get the other 2 arms made and fitted.

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By Hey_Allen
I'll have to double check the attachment to the arm, but that end clip is also used on the Porsche Cayanne, Audi Q7, VW Touareg wipers.

I just replaced a set on an 07 Audi Q7 a week ago and was eyeing them myself.

edit: I just checked in the wrecking yard, and while 07 was the first year to use the same sort of blades, the way the arm is designed doesn't make it easily adapted to our car's arm, like the one that was shown in the OP.

second edit: It looks like Audi B8 (and similar) wipers use the same attachment, as well as having a slight twist to the arms, so possibly usable for early 928? I'll know more in a week or so, as a pair are one the way.
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By h2pmr
finally got around to doing one and taking pictures at the same time.
on the very slim chance anybody wants to know how I did it:

928 wiper arm, cut as in picture and then put masking tape on the arm 50mm down from the cut
this is a bmw wiper arm in a vice ready
then hammer a good screwdriver as pictured up the middle to open it up, when it is opened up enough it will come off the arm
when it has been removed it exposes the indents that have been made in the wiper arm at production, without these the wiper blade mounting could not be held on securely
so we need to make indents in the 928 wiper arm, scribes I put in the arm are just a rough guide as to where they need to be
then need something hard and thin, and a good vice to make the indents, note masking tape 50mm from the cut end
once the indents are in the arm, slide the bmw mounting on, up to the masking tape, cover all with masking tape - to protect from damage as you nip up the mounting in a vice, and its all done and secure
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By h2pmr
finally got around to doing both wiper arms and fitting them, am very happy with the way the arms look now, they are more factory looking.
have found if you wrap any parts that need to be pressed in lots of masking tape it does not mark the black finish to much
although I did manage to just mark one very slightly on an end I found the closest match is using a black permanent marker pen


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