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By Stepson
This upcoming first Saturday Breakfast will be at Southern Recipe Grill in North Arlington April 3, 2021 at 8am!

Southern Recipes Grill
2715 North Collins
Arlington, Texas 76006

Southern Recipes Grill is a restaurant in far north Arlington at which we have had our last several Breakfast Get Togethers. It features a large parking lot, an outside patio, a large indoor dining room and Southern cooking. They are always excited to have us back and are accommodating to our needs. The restaurant is no more than 5-10 minutes from either I-30 to the south or state highway 183 to the north.

In keeping with the times and personal safety, we will be dining in the large front dining room with the ability to have correct COVID separation. Please be safe and take appropriate caution with your health and the health of others who might attend.
We have no idea how many folk will attend, but if you don't feel safe out of your house, we all will understand. If you are sick or do not feel well, please do not attend.
We would love to see you and your car, but not at the expense of the health of others.

And as always, you don't have to drive a 928 or even own one to attend this breakfast, but we would all love to see your car with you in it.

This is the fourth breakfast of the new year and we look forward to seeing everyone again. We are all interested in the projects you might have going on with your 928. Drive it if you can. If your 928 is not drivable, drive what you can to get there and we will discuss whatever issues your 928 presents. We will definitely be discussing and increasing knowledge of Torque values at this GTG. See you there!!
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By Stepson
It was good to see some folks that had not been to a breakfast in a while. Apparently a lot of people are using this pandemic as a good reason to work on their cars. I know I am.
Couple of pictures:

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By jej3
Who from the Texas Crew is headed to the Rendezvous 928 event in May?
By JBRob007
We're bringing 928 Buckeye Landshark 100 proof bourbon to 928 Rendezvous at Amelia Island. That alone will make it worth the trip! 😎
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