8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By Daniel5691
https://rennlist.com/forums/928-forum/6 ... -pics.html
This has always been a great resource for OB maintenance.


To quote directly from (Saint) Doug_B_928....

"This is a procedural write-up I created following my first DIY timing belt change. There wasn’t a newbie rated procedural guide with pics for a 16V so I thought I’d put this together so I could use it when I do the job again and in case others would find it helpful. I am not a mechanic nor am I a 928 expert. One takes this job on at their own risk, but Roger Tyson (928sRus), Wally Plumely (928 Specialists), Jim Morehouse, and Dwayne encouraged me to do the job myself and I’m very thankful as I found it to be a lot of fun. I used Dwayne’s (Dwayne’s Garage: http://dwaynesgarage.norcal928.org/) pictorial write-up for his 32V 87 as my base, added in information from various other sources on the web (Pirtle, Bill Ball, Sharkskin, the FWSM, etc.), and then figured out the differences between my 16V and Dwayne’s 32V as I completed the procedure. Huge thanks to Dwayne for his efforts in his write-up. I would not have undertaken the job without it. This write-up is essentially a 16V supplement to his, with additional information that I picked-up along the way. I have organized it exactly the same as Dwayne’s and tried to keep everything (the text and pictures) as similar as possible so that interested readers can compare the differences between doing the jobs on the two different motors. The 16V job is simpler in several ways, and I’m hoping that other newbies will find this helpful because they won’t have to go through the trouble of figuring out the differences between the 16V and 32V along the way. Having said that, Porsche was always making changes, and previous owners/mechanics may have made modifications, and so others’ experiences with 16Vs may vary."

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Parts, Tools and Preparation
Chapter 2: Drain Coolant and Remove Coolant Hoses
Chapter 3: Removing Accessory Belts
A. Power Steering Pump
B. Air Pump/Fan
C. Alternator
D. Air Conditioner Compressor
Chapter 4: Removing the Fan Shrouds and Fan
Chapter 5: Loosening Power Steering Pump Bracket, Removing Alternator, Removing Oil Dipstick Tube, and Removing Oil Return Hose and Tube
Chapter 6: Removing the Upper Cam Gear Covers and Setting the Crank to 0TDC
Chapter 7: Removing the Accessory Belt Pulley Assembly, Centre Timing Belt Cover, and Harmonic Balancer.
Chapter 8: Removing the Tensioner Roller Assembly and Timing Belt
Chapter 9: Removing the Water Pump
Chapter 10: Removing Oil Pump Gear and Rear Timing Belt Cover
Chapter 11: Removing the Oil Pump, Replacing the O-Ring and Oil Pump Seal
Chapter 12: Installing the Rear Timing Belt Cover, Crank Gear, and Oil Pump Gear
Chapter 13: Repairing and Replacing Tensioner Rollers and Tensioner Bushings
Chapter 14: Removing and Repairing the Timing Belt Tensioner
Chapter 15: Installing the Water Pump
Chapter 16: Installing the Timing Belt Tensioner
Chapter 17: Changing the Cam Gear Seals
Chapter 18: Installing the Timing Belt Tensioner Roller Assembly
Chapter 19: Installing the Timing Belt and Setting Tension
Chapter 20: Installing the Centre Timing Belt Cover
Chapter 21: Install Upper Cam Gear Covers and Reconnect A/C Compressor Wire
Chapter 22: Installing the Power Steering Pump Bracket, Alternator, Oil Dipstick Tube, Oil Return Tube and Hose, and Fan Assembly
Chapter 23: Installing Accessory Belts and Pulleys
A. Tensioning the Air Conditioner Compressor Belt
B. Tensioning the Alternator Belt
C. Tensioning the Air Pump/Fan Belt
D. Tensioning the Power Steering Pump Belt
Chapter 24: Installing Coolant Hoses
Chapter 25: Installing Lower Fan Shroud, Upper Fan Shroud, and Intake Tubes
Chapter 26: Wrap Up


https://static.ibsrv.net/autocomm/Conte ... 202011.pdf
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By linderpat
Thanks Daniel - this is the sort of thing that as this info populates over time, this site becomes more valuable!
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By Majestic Moose
That is a great guide. There is an updated one from Nov. 2012. I do not know if that is the latest or what revisions/additions were made but here it is.
https://static.ibsrv.net/autocomm/Conte ... 202012.pdf
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By checkmate1996
I have collaborated with Doug personally and this is actually the latest, web-based version from 2020.

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By JBRob007
I andolutely LOVE this... When another set of eyes looks at a procedure they are completely unfamiliar with they often point out "obvious" short falls that the experienced wrench often overlooks. Great job!!
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By hlee96
Thank you Daniel! This is the type of posting that will make Open-Road more popular with newer 928 owners and thus into a more frequented site.
Anyway to make it a sorta "sticky item" since it is so important to an OB ownership?
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