8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By JBRob007
I just bought a dust covered 82 Chiffon White w/ Rogerbox barn/garage find. Needs a leather dash & pod and driver seat recover, but the rest of the leather interior is in VERY good shape - needs a LOT of cleaning, scubbing, and TLC. It has a 928 Motorsports built 5.0 liter short block w/ 84 top end (cams/intake), complete top end refresh, forged pistons, steel sleeved cylinders, oil pan spacer, mini-starter, MMs, steering rack, 1/2 shafts, engine harness, green wire, race radiator, etc, etc... A TON of work done in 2016 including a working 928MS Stage I Super Charger kit with all the gauges. Took us a day to get the car running and a week to get it running well (after we removed the SC kit and replaced the fuel pump, new gas/techron, hotter plugs). We adjusted the transmission modulator (after removing the SC kit) so it starts right up, runs great and shifts smooth at well over 100 mph. The car was owned by a guy who doesn't know a screw driver from a wrench and it was sitting in a dusty garage since 2017 on 16" phone dials / Toyo 888 racing tires and a spare set of 15" phone dials leaning against the rear bumper. The BEST part is the tool box is complete including the yellow handled screw driver & plastic orange box of spare bulbs/fuses, tire pump, & aux belts from the factory / owners manuals. The plan it to CALL ROGER (help fund his summer vacation plans) by reverting back to stock, as close to stock as possible, without replacing the 5.0 liter (damn car MOVES even with a 3 speed), replace the enginebay fuel supply/return hoses, clean the interior & work on the seats while Mike does his magic with the all ORIGINAL (single stage) Chiffon White paint. I'll post pics as soon as I can get them off my phone. Sorry for the loooooooong intro, but I'm pretty stoked about the find. :jumper:
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By JBRob007
BTW... Anyone in the market for a complete 928 Motorsports Stage I Super Charger kit (with EVERYTHING including gauges) asking $2500 OBO please contact me at (614) 886-three, five, one, one. Pretty good price since these kits cost $6K new, but negotiable...
By Redgt
Joel, great find! Love to hear about barn fines! Hope you bring it to Frenzy this year. :bigok:
By JBRob007
Bob! Great to hear from you! Chances are it will be sold by then... I have 3 now with no space and can't afford to keep 3 - 30ish year old cars running. Wish I could. If / when we sell it, I'll post it on here first - it's a great project car with all the BIG stuff already done.

I do have a question for the peanut gallery. If it has a 5.0 liter bottom and a 16V top end, is it or is it not an interference engine? Love the idea of having a non-interference 5.0 liter. Damn thing runs like a raped ape!
By The Fat Man
Joel, to my knowledge, the 5.0L pistons have to be flycut for valve clearance with the 16V heads. I believe you end up with an interference engine.
By linderpat
Hey Joel - great to see you over here. Chiffon white is a great color. Can’t wait to see this one. :rockon:
By checkmate1996
By JBRob007
PICTURES!!! Yeah, I know... I know...
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By JBRob007
Finally post a bunch of “dirty” pictures... aaaaand... crickets!!!
By Landseer
Is chiffon white a single stage color? (I just re read your first post where you said it is)...That car is going to be irresistible clean. You certainly have a knack for finding them!

Any idea when the big engine and supercharger investment was made? That couldn't have been cheap.
By JBRob007
It was being built by 928MS back in 2016 to be a track car when the owner passed away. The family got the car back but didn’t get it running right and didn’t put very many miles on the clock. Never saw the track 👍 They sold it to a guy in Columbus who had no business owning an 80’s super car, much less with a blower, and he couldn’t afford to get it sorted. I picked it up from him and As far as I can tell it has a rebuilt 5.0 liter w/ 16 V top end, new TB/WP, race radiator, oil pan spacer, MMs, steel sleeved cylinders w/ forged pistons, great steering rack & bushings. Nothing leaks, except weeping from the auto trans seals. Reverting the intake back to stock is a challenge but everything is coming along mechanically. The driver seat bolster is gonna need a LOT of love. The Leather dash & pod are pulled / cracked (of course). The rest of the interior is cleaning up nicely and in very very good shape. I’m going to dye the light colored seats BACK to the stock linen or cream and leave the rest brown. The paint is original/ single stage and the rub strips paint is peeling. The rest is straight, no wrecks or dings & with a little touch up, should buff out VERY nicely.
By JBRob007
That’s the back story 👍
By JBRob007
Update: We've gotten the intake & all the plumbing back to stock (thank you 928sRus and 928 International), and adjusted the auto transmission and cleaned the all leather interior. Starts, runs & shifts great - the 5.0 liter with the 3 speed tranny is something else 😎. Driver seat repair and redying all the seats BACK to Chiffon is the next big step. Stay tuned!
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By JBRob007
Thanks! We do try 😎. BTW, the super charger kit is SOLD! More $$ for parts, seat repair kit, leather dye, paint buff & polish products.
By JBRob007
She's cleaning up well and we can finally SEE details in the paint - looks like a partial respray on the pass side a long time ago. We believe the rest of the car is original paint. Rub strips are off for respray and will be remounted after we finish polishing the car. She has some "patina" but is going to look pretty good once were done fussing with it 😎
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By linderpat
such a gorgeous color! Alex VD has one, which I love. It has a pinstripe too - many do not care for pinstripes on our cars, but I've always thought they looked good. Anyway, yes it is cleaning up nicely!
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By JBRob007
Thanks guys! She'll be far from perfect, with lots of "patina" but it will be "turn key & go" mechanically... and boy does she GO!
By JBRob007
The paint buffing & polishing is done - that was a lot of work! We still need to finish painting the rubbies & remount (waiting on paint). We're also waiting on parts from our buddy Roger. Once they come in we're dropping the gas tank, replacing inner strainer, fuel pump & filter and top vent hose (they're almost always spent, crusty & leaking). Once that's completed we'll have gone through all the major systems - front to rear. Then I get to work on repairing the driver seat bolster & prepping / redying the interior... someone hand me a gallon of laquer thinner, 4 packs of sand paper, 50 rubber gloves and $300 worth of Chiffon colored leather dye... this will take some elbow grease! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
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By JBRob007
Update! We ran out of gas... apparently the sender wasn’t agreeing with physics. So we dropped the tank and it was a bloody mess in there. Replaced top vent & bottom supply hoses, cleaned the tank inside & out and replaced the pump & filter. Will post pics later. Mike has the rub strips all prepped and the paint just arrived. The leather seat repair kit & dye is also en route so we’ll finish that part up & post pics after Amelia.
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By JBRob007
Seats are being a PITA. Someone painted them... more than once. A/C checks out. Rub strips are painted & waiting for clear coat. Ran into Ron Borras on the highway en route to FL so we exchanged Super Charger / Money on side of the road... too cool 😎. Black seats were picked up at Amelia Island for the Euro! The price was VERY reasonable 👌
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By JBRob007
Looks like we’ll have to paint the seats. There is soooo much paint, filler / repair, wax, etc, that the leather dye won’t absorb ☹️ The driver seat bolster & seat repair came out MUCH better than expected so the driver seat will be serviceable, just not perfect. We should have the rubies reinstalled this week... We’re getting there slowly but surely. If I don’t sell it prior to 9-28 we’ll bring her to Frenzy!
By Gary Knox
Joel - regarding your seats .

For nearly 20 years, I've been using a procedure I picked up from a Ferrari forum regarding leather seat refurbishment.

Clif Notes summary of the process: It starts with good detergent cleaning, then rubbing with a shop towel WET (more than damp - the blue type) with lacquer thinner. Keep rubbing with lacquer thinner soaked towel until essentially no more of the 'old paint' comes off onto the towel. Let the leather dry, then infuse it with softener multiple times (I use Leatherique, then Pristine Clean, then a water wetted towel). One more light cleaning with the lacquer thinner wetted towel to remove surface softener and allow a good 'bite' for the dye. Finally several THIN treatments of leather dye (really paint as you know). I usually apply it like I do wood stain - rub it in/on with a folded piece of cloth.

I've done this on about a half dozen sets of Porsche 928 seats. Sometimes same color, sometimes changed color (even from dark to light). With good 'paint' (I like Color Plus dye from a small company here in PA), it has been very durable and looks great.

Good luck, the results you've gotten on this car are great.

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By JBRob007
Ed & Gary: The repair to the bolster is actually coming out great, but it’s over previous repairs - hence the discoloration. I’ve been using a similar procedure to clean the leather and ALL of it just doesn’t ever come out leaving the dye job looking mottled. Running out of elbow grease & lacquer thinner ☹️ We are attempting to use leather dye (not paint) but I think these were painted at the factory so getting it all off is a bear. On vinyl we’d use vinyl / cloth paint... If I was planning to keep the car, then I would recover the seats, dash, center, and glove box. For now I’m shooting for “serviceable” or I’ll be financially upside down in no time.
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By JBRob007
Seats are coming out better than expected since the driver bolster & bottom seat we’re in very rough shape. Gonna paint match the small door with the seats. Rubbies will be wet sanded, buffed & reinstalled. Then, we’re about done making it a reliable driver. Not bad considering the initial purchase price 👍👍. I’ll post pics once she’s all done, cleaned up and has her make up on 😎
By JBRob007
That should say “small door cards”.
By JBRob007
They’re getting there...
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By Gary Knox
What a difference Joel. Did you spray the new'dye' onto the seats?

Great Job.

By JBRob007
Thanks. This is vinyl / cloth paint from Sherwinn Williams / Krylon. We’ve had good success with this brand before as it bonds well & remains very flexible / durable. They still need some light sanding / roughing up and another light coat. It’ll do the trick as most automotive seats are “painted” these days. Ohhhh... if I only had the cash to properly recover the seats, dash, pod & center console = BIG 💲💲💲💲. Better start playing the lottery 😎
By Gary Knox

Regarding your paint from Sherwin Williams. Was that a stock color, or did they color match some leather that you had? If they will match colors, this could be an excellent source for future seat paints, in competition with the likes of Leatherique, ColorPlus, etc.

Also, did you spray, brush, or rub the paint onto the seats? And, did you need to dilute it (if so, what did you use)?

Thanks for your counsel.

By JBRob007
Gary, We got this right off the shelf. Frankly it looks better in pictures than up close and personal. You can really see the defects in the repairs (once it’s painted) and that it’s a “paint job”... it is what it is. But, if you saw these seats prior to the work, you wouldn’t think they’re the same seats. So, for anyone trying to bring abused seats back to being serviceable and decent looking then it’s not a bad way to go.
By JBRob007
She’s done!!! Rub strips came out very well. The seats are soooooo much better than even I expected and she runs & drives very smoothly. All the electric gadgets work, radio antenna replaced, with a pretty decent stereo for listening to the Frenzy 928 CD 😎.
There’s something to be said for 16” phone dials and lots of sidewall between the wheel and the road 👍👍
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By JBRob007
The more I drive the Chiffon car, the less it smokes (typically only after sitting while idling for 5 minutes or so...) Probably has to do with the engine sitting for long periods and is now just getting valve stem seals, rings, oil passages, etc, exercised. So, in my idiot way of thinking that means a SHORT ROAD TRIP to the Appalachian Mountains via Canton OH, Pittsburgh PA and Hagerstown WV. Then after resting for a weekend, another LONG ROAD TRIP through the Appalachian Mountains all the way to the East Coast... a.k.a. Virginia Beach! That should blow out the cobwebs and then back home for a freshening up, oil change, top off and get her ready for sale on Open Road, RennList, Craigslist and FB Market Place.

Ed & Rick: I'll be staying at the Embassy Suites / Pittsburgh Airport on June 16th. Come on over for a cocktail and check out the Chiffon.
By linderpat
JBRob007 wrote: Sun Jun 06, 2021 7:59 pm .....

Ed & Rick: I'll be staying at the Embassy Suites / Pittsburgh Airport on June 16th. Come on over for a cocktail and check out the Chiffon.
I'd love to Joel, but I'll be in Columbus then on business!
By JBRob007
XR4Tim wrote: Mon Jun 07, 2021 12:42 am If you should encounter any problems as early as Canton, I have a garage and tools available.
Thanks! Funny, I'll be in Canton on the 14th & 15th. Phone # is (614) 886-three, five, one, one if you're around. Staying at the Embassy Suites, Canton / Akron Airport.

Ed, I'm in Pittsburgh while you're in COLUMBUS?!?!... too damn funny!! Guess you're gonna miss out on our very own BLS bourbon :(
By XR4Tim
JBRob007 wrote: Mon Jun 07, 2021 4:28 pm
XR4Tim wrote: Mon Jun 07, 2021 12:42 am If you should encounter any problems as early as Canton, I have a garage and tools available.
Thanks! Funny, I'll be in Canton on the 14th & 15th. Phone # is (614) 886-three, five, one, one if you're around. Staying at the Embassy Suites, Canton / Akron Airport.
:thumbup: I live maybe 15 minutes from there. I'll shoot you a text the evening of the 14th as long as I'm around.
By linderpat
JBRob007 wrote: Mon Jun 07, 2021 4:28 pm

Ed, I'm in Pittsburgh while you're in COLUMBUS?!?!... too damn funny!! Guess you're gonna miss out on our very own BLS bourbon :(
:banghead: Such is life! See you at Frenzy :byewave:
By JBRob007
Note to file. Replace the throttle cable on any 928 purchase BEFORE you drive it across three states… or carry a spare along with your extra fuses and relays…. Ask me how I know 🤬🤬🤬
By JBRob007
Looks like the 82 Chiffon is going to be my new daily driver. The 86 Guards Red is probably going to be totaled so I’ll have to figure out what to do with her. Dammit, that was a fun car to drive, but I got over 35,000 miles covered in two years so I guess I got my money’s worth 😎

OK Chiffon… time for some struts & springs and a 4 wheel alignment 💰💰💰
By JBRob007
Shocks & Struts installed... It's time to either post the 82 Chiffon up for sale... or post the 84 Hellbronze Euro up for sale. Running out of garage space and driveway and the Classic Car market is SMOKING HOT!
By JBRob007
Looks like Mike and I will be asking $9,000 for the 82 Chiffon White. It’s a good project car with all of the BIG STUFF sorted. I suppose there’s a certain place I’m supposed to post the particulars. As soon as I write up a description I’ll post it on here somewhere 😎
By JBRob007
I've decided to sell the 1982 Chiffon White. To recap: 5.0 liter V8 paired with original 3 speed automatic transmission and 73,000 original miles. Runs strong. Finish shines nicely & the body is straight with no dents or damage. Has some patina, a couple door dings and minor rear hatch corrosion (see pics above).

Previous owner had a 5.0 liter (302 c.i.) installed with original 16 valve heads and “Spider” intake (from 928 Motorsports) for additional 60 HP up from 220 stock (288 HP). Newer front of engine (FOE) wiring harness & green wire, spark plugs & wires, caps & rotors and timing adjusted. Fuel tank flushed with new strainer, fuel pump & filter and ALL fuel supply & return hoses replaced. Newer water pump / timing belt (tension checked - O.K), all accessory belts replaced. Motor mounts are good. Installed oil pan spacer, extended oil pick up tube & new gaskets and high performance mini-starter. New CSF all aluminum radiator (including end caps) with coolant flush & refill, new thermostat & radiator hoses. New hood liner and hood & hatch struts. New Bosch O2 sensor and after market muffler with rear “pumpkin” muffler delete - Nice V8 rumble, but not loud. New Sachs coil over strut & springs suspension with new tires mounted on Porsche OE “Phone Dial“ 16 inch wheels. Spacers on rear wheels to improve stance. A/C blows nice & cold. After market stereo head unit w/ CD - all speakers work with great sound and new electric antenna installed. All electrical systems work w/ NO Check Engine Lights. CE panel cleaned & multiple relays / fuses replaced. New brake pads & fluid flush / bleed & refill. Replaced ALL the power steering lines / hoses - Supply hose to the pump; line from the pump to the rack; and, the return line from the rack to the fluid reservoir. It even has a jump post cover! Mike and I put a TON of hours into this car...

Needs: Automatic transmission seals seep (not badly). Dash, instrument pod, center console, arm rest & glove box need recovering. Front seats repaired & resprayed (see pics above). Passenger seat came out nicely. Driver seat in serviceable condition. HVAC blower (squirrel fan) is strong but a little noisy. Have not completed a front end alignment, but tracks, steers & stops straight.

Currently my Daily Driver - starts right up and idles smoothly. Overall a driver quality car with all the BIG $$ mechanical work done. Clear & Clean Title in my name. Asking $9700

Call or text (614) 886-three, five, one, one. Ask for Joel
By JBRob007
Price was probably a bit low…. The new owner will be flying in on September 7th. Oh well, it was a fun project 👍👍
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By linderpat
JBRob007 wrote: Sun Aug 29, 2021 6:30 pm Price was probably a bit low….
Ya think! I had that car pegged at mid-teens as it sat. It's a special color car.
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