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By Don Smith
Hi guys and gals: Is it better to let my 928 idle, while the oil pressure is building up, after sitting all winter, or after 1 or 2 mins, should I just hop in the car, and drive it slowly, till the noise disappears?
1988, roughly 160,000 miles.
By worf
Yeah, not a good idea to just idle with clackity lifters.

For 928s that sit over-winter, I always get the oil pressure 'started':

- unlatch EZK, LH
- run starter for 5-ish second interval, rest ~30 seconds
- lather rinse repeat until I see the oil pressure needle move
- re-latch EZK, LH

I have seen 928s that, after long storage periods, will idle for 2, 3, 4 seconds before the oil pressure needle moves. That's bad juju for main and rod bearings in the long term. It's easier with plugs out, but no matter what, a starter is easier to replace than bearings.

If you run your 928 every week you'll not have start-up oil pressure delay. But, after a month or so, you loose enough oil film in the 'guts of the engine' so that the pump has to 'suck' for a couple of seconds.
By Don Smith
Thank you, gents. Hell, I should just have Luc do this, before I pick up the car....
By Schocki
Our GT doesn't respond well to idling just to warm up the engine. If you fire it up, drive it too....
By oups59
Don Smith wrote: Sun Mar 21, 2021 10:29 am Thank you, gents. Hell, I should just have Luc do this, before I pick up the car....
I have a better solution, I will take the car out for a drive :burnout:
By Don Smith
Just wash it when you finish.....
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