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By Sazerac
Hi All

So, I am testing an "upgraded" alternator (and wiring harness) from a not to be named source in Southern California on my '91. One general concern I have about all the upgrade options is that there is no ventilation hose on these upgraded units. I just don't like that.

In the meantime, I am thinking to rebuild the original alternator with about 90k miles on it. These alternators are pretty indestructible, but at the least I figure the brushes and bearings would be tired. As I don't really need additional amps, I just might put the old alternator back on and use only the new harness.

Have any of you sent alternators out for rebuild? If so, to whom and what was the result?
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By N_Jay
Heavy equipment electricals get rebuilt all the time.
A good heavy truck repair center will know a good alternator and starter-motor shop.
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By ROG100
I was very disappointed with my Southern CA upgraded alternator. Looked great and worked as well as the stock alternator in cold ambient conditions. Once the Texas sun came out in anger its performance was mediocre to say the least. Temperatures above 90F took its toll on the output - barely managing to produce 12v. It is still on my GTS but I regret spending the money when a new stock Bosch alternator would perform better in the heat.
A local 928 friend had an upgraded alternator built which puts out 13v to 14v what ever the conditions with a heavy load - AC - Fans - Stereo etc.
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By Sazerac
N_Jay, thanks for the reply. I'll ask some questions in the direction, and report back on what comes up. I would want a shop that has seen foreign components though and not just US equipment.

Roger, nice to hear from you again. I honestly haven't heard of any usage reports of this altnerator, but in fact, so far I haven't used in extraordinarily hot weather and hadn't notice any problems yet. My Summer tour in normal Mid-West Summer weather went fine. I just don't like the lack of the cooling duct. But, your feedback is interesting nonetheless. This GT will make it over to Europe soon, and I expect some touring in the South of Italy and Spain in Summer, so the conditions might be similar. All the more reason to just rebuild the old one and be done with it maybe.


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