8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By hans14914
A couple years ago (drawing inspiration from all the people and designs in the past - credit where credit is due) I developed a completely adjustable shift mechanism comprised of a lever, and a torque-tube mounted pivot clamp.

The first piece is the P9-MS01 Adjustable Shift Lever.  This is lever is split into three main components, and allows one to adjust the space between the two pivot points, and thus manipulate the amount of leverage, additionally it allows for independently setting the height adjustment of the knob.  The lever can be left at a stock throw with a shortened lever height, or reduced throw and reduced height... etc.  The throw adjustment is infinite in 1mm increments with the use of inexpensive spacers.  The bores for the bushings are machined to a very high tolerance for a press-fit of Igus Z-series bushings.  These greatly improve the feel over the stock "slip" fit nylon split bushings.  Even in a stock throw application, there is a great improvement from the high tolerance bushings.

The second componet is the P9-MS02 Adjustable Pivot Clamp.  This assembly eliminates the entire front link, guide bushing, and ball cup, buy replacing them with a torque-tube mounted platform and bearing car.  The bearing car uses a double-row, high angular-contact ball bearing from Enduro to give perfectly constrained rotational movement.  The bearing car can be moved vertically, again by installation of appropriate spacers, to match the lever spacing and maintain a parallel rear link geometry.  This corrects the input angle to the transmission selector, and removes the normal binding present with a standard short shift lever alone. 

I make a couple batches of these a year, and I happen to have both items in stock at the moment.

I documented the complete development on Rennlist, which I will link below, but this short clip shows the mechanism and how the shifting action works:

https://rennlist.com/forums/928-forum/9 ... esign.html

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By worf
I've installed several of these now.

Only Hans knows for sure, but I think he's shipped me more of these set-ups than anyone else. For the pre-'91s, coupled with a '91-'95 shift knob it's shifting heaven.

By Hey_Allen
How is installation on an early car?
I'm not ready to make a major shifter investment yet, since I'm in the middle of a LS1 swap, but I'm definitely interested.
By worf
Hey_Allen wrote: Fri Mar 19, 2021 8:04 pm How is installation on an early car?
Exactly the same as with a later 928, AFAIK.

Easiest with the TT and Transaxle on the ground.

Possible with the engine out and the TT drooping.

Legend has it that it can be done with all the big bits installed, but I’m not going to bet on that spoke of the wheel.
By checkmate1996
One of the guys in our club installed it fully in car. I need to get more specifics and report back.

I have Hans shifter only- and I would say for get the engine e swap - amazing shifting solves a lot of problems and brings a lot smiles!
By checkmate1996
Hans - if I get another manual soon- this is my first purchase! :drunk:
By worf
RSMartin wrote: Mon Mar 22, 2021 1:29 pm Opion for thr adjustments. Is there an overall "sweet spot" for adjustments ? Or just 110 % user preferences
User preference.

My opinions:

If you have pre-‘91 and have not upgraded to ‘91-‘95 shift boot/knob (which is, IMO, the best bang for the shifting buck) adjust lever for ‘one notch’ shorter throw with ‘shortest’ shift lever position.

If ‘91-‘95 shift boot, stock throw and either shortest or shortest + 1 lever position. If upgrading pre-‘91 shortest + 1 or + 2 will initially feel ‘right.’

‘91-95 knob, stock throw, shortest lever is ‘push-button’ like.

Lever can be adjust ‘in-car.’
By SeanR
Agree with Worf on the later shifter/knob combo.

I've installed so many different variations on the shifters, from standard, Lizard, short shifter, removing 928MS bolt in the rear coupler and a couple of Hans shifters. I highly recommend going with Hans's set up if you have the coin and the ability to install it. Shame it's covered up all the time, it is a work of art.
By Sazerac
worf wrote: Fri Mar 19, 2021 7:44 pm

This is a great piece of kit. I have one installed in my 91 GT and love it. I am hoping this is a picture of my 90 GT TT. But, because of Corona travel restrictions I don't know... :cussing:

My 90 GT had the 928 Motorsports version on it when I bought it and it was ok. But, this is better. Everything I picked up from Hans has been great and I even visited him back in ca. 2014... God, how time flies... Glad to see you in this neck of the woods, Hans!
By worf
Sazerac wrote: Tue Mar 23, 2021 9:08 pm I am hoping this is a picture of my 90 GT TT.
Ask and you shall receive. Proof that it can be installed with TT in place, but motor out.

Sazerac wrote: Tue Mar 23, 2021 9:08 pm But, because of Corona travel restrictions I don't know... :cussing:
It's been a long time (as in all of 2020) since you looked at the work documentation :drunk:

By hans14914
I just got another batch of the P9-MS02 shifter pivot clamps back in stock. As of now, there are still 6 available. Probably the last batch till fall, so grab one now if you want one. I have a couple levers on the shelf if anyone wants a full setup
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