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By maddog2020
Brembo's GT Brake kit for the 928 is the Ferrari F50 front brakes and bolt right up with their spacer. Front rotors are 355mm
Hat Height is 45 like the front GTS and the Rotor Thickness is32mm overall height is 78mm

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By maddog2020
corrected the thickness info to 32mm. they are 4 piston calipers (think about when the F50 was designed and sold) They will bolt to any 928 that has the 86.5 and later spindles. And you do need to adjust the brake shields a tad bit. You also have to do that on the 993tt rear dust shields.
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By maddog2020
I had the piston data years ago and I'm sure I can request it from a brembo dealer. In this instance the piston were not much larger, if I recall correctly but it was the pad surface area and the rotor cooling surface area where these come into play.

Several guys on RL did this upgrade with calipers from a ferrari salvage with excellent results. If I recall correctly the F50 fronts and the 993tt rears were almost identical in the balance and ratios for the GTS front and rear using the GTS brake bias. There was a guy on RL that put F50 calipers and rotors on all 4 corners, and the braking performance was "like the finger of God" when you hit the brakes.

I think when I bought mine the cost was in the $2500 range and I sold my nearly new GTS stuff for pretty good money, so the offset was around 1K.

If you upgrade the rear to the 993tt then to realize the gains you have to change the brake bias. If you upgrade both and the ratios are similar then you can achieve phenomenal better braking. ask some of the guys that changed their brake bias 1st on their GTS and then added the 993tt rear brakes. they ended up with too much rear brake and resulted in trail braking on turns and bumpy corners in the wet.

The goal is to improve the braking without upsetting the balance.

the table above needs to have pad area and rotor area to be relevant. Caliper piston size isn't the whole story. also none of the rotors above are solid. They are all vented.

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