8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By worf
Magnet into labeled egg crates.

Unless lifters are being replaced. Then...

... magnet into bucket.
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By Scott at Team Harco
OK - I would guess I've always used a magnet in the past. For some reason, I had it in my head that that was not recommended. I won't worry about it. And seeing the first video (thanks David) - I might just as well get new VR6 lifters. After all, if a YouTube mechanic recommends it, it must be good.


So now I have to ask about the cam bridges (special tool 9226). I'll do a google on that and see what comes up. I'm sure the Chinese have a $25 kit available on Amazon...

Just to share a little - maybe you guys have seen this guy's videos. They're actually pretty good. He provides the important details, without the crap. It's even entertaining with the sound on. :beerchug:

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By Scott at Team Harco
I ended up using channel lock pliers. The grease that my shop used to keep them lubricated had effectively turned to cement in the cold. Since I don't plan to reuse them, any damage is irrelevant.

Now I need to get the block studs out. The place that fixed the bores put incorrect length studs in my block. :banghead:
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