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By Sazerac
Hi All

So, I need to diagnose a problem and need to get a new fuel pressure gauge.

It is not my intention to leave such a gauge on the car permanently like some people seem to have on the fuel rail. This will be used only for a diagnosis and then put in the tool box until needed again.

Any recommended choices or vendors? Otherwise, I'll just get one "some place" and report on what I find.

Thanks, John
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By Gregs04.5
I picked up a cheapo kit from ebay, it works well, but have since acquired a snap on kit, and truthfully, it's not that much better.
Get something like this, it has multiple fittings, which will come in handy, and won't break the bank.

https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fuel-Injection ... 3345965058
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By Sazerac
Greg, Shifted, thanks for those responses.

I agree it is not my plan to leave a gauge in place. Good idea about actually ordering an extra ball. Marshall looks like a good company.

I'll think all this through now.
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