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By Charlie
Hello Open Roaders. This post is a search for knowledge (in more ways than one).

I am re-covering my '91's major interior parts with custom leather as a DIY. An additional goal is not to disable the car while the excessively long DIY process is underway. So I bought a used pod first and it was a minor success once I actually managed to finish it. But putting the new one in was really tough - got some pro help or my heirs would have had to do it. (Pro - you know who you are and thanks for saving my butt)

I can do the wheel because it's relatively easy to take it off, cover it, and put it back. I have a spare dash that I can work on until the refinishing is satisfactory then swap for the stock dash. But a spare console has been tough.

Ideally, I am looking for someone's surplus 90+ LHD airbag-dash-style console. If there is anyone who has one they're willing to part with please get in touch. Some cheapish OB consoles are available, and some pricier later years.

Failing that I am looking for info on the changes year-over-year. I know the shape of the passenger side corner changed but it is it just radius-ed vs square or did the dimensions change also? Are the brackets similar? Are the mounting slots the same for radio, a/c, etc., etc...

Pics on the net are not definitive. The borrowed 91 sample I have looks like the bracket on that side was ground at the factory with a Dremel to make it fit. If I can shape a cheap OB part similarly that is one way to make it work.

Thoughts? And many thanks in advance...
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By SeanR
It's been pretty hard to find decent 90+ center consoles. The only difference between it and the earlier ones is that corner that is rounded at the top right. If I can remember, everything else mounting wise is the same. You can toss an early one in but it won't fit worth a damn and it will look funny. But, you can drive the car w/o a console in there if you want to.
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By Charlie
Thanks Sean. That is exactly my experience with the 90+ part also. (Where did they all go?)

Knowing that the part will be totally covered with new upholstery and any hacking will be invisible, maybe a better way to phrase the question is: Can a crappy old one be 1. Ground into the shape of the newer one and 2. Properly secured under the dash without major surgery, and 3. Mount the 91 climate, locking, radio, clock and ashtray? Especially, is it the same width and height? And if it's really old, is the clock, ashtray etc mount the same (appears NOT from eBay pics for pre-84ish parts).

It sounds like the bracket is the same at least which is probably most important.

I know this is a small point but it is an intimidating job and I want to take every possible advantage. Many thanks to all.
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By SeanR
I suppose you could grind it down but then you've made it unusable for anyone in the future. Everything will bolt in to it though so no worries there.
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By Charlie
Really appreciate that info!!

Yes, reuse is an issue. I suppose if you're re-covering you could sculpt the square corner back in, and you could use it again for a 90+ as is, but originality is out the window.

Still thinking...


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