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By maddog2020
There are a variety of suspension setups, from stock to track and I wanted to start a thread on what you are running, and what are the things you like vs don't like about your current setup vs previous setups. Please be as descriptive as possible from tires sizes and brands wheel sizes and brands as well.

Lets try not to get into theory and tell others what they have is wrong and start arguing. This is a talk about the plus and minus features that you have on your own car, or cars you used to have.
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By maddog2020
928 is a 90 manual, use for street only no track events.

Starting with the original stock 16 inch dish wheels, with factory springs and shocks. @ 7 years old, with 37 K miles it was very streetable. I was new to the 928 and it was my daily driver. As my driving skills improved I wanted more. I upgraded to Boxster 17 inch wheels, and kept the suspension stock. This provided better turn in and more responsive steering and felt more stable at high speeds (over 140) With the stroker engine I was getting wheel hop on hard launches. Brakes were stock.

At this point I upgraded to externally adjustable Koni shocks Eibach springs, 17x9 & 17x10 Fikse wheels (don't remember the tire brand or sizes. Also added the Ott steroid drop links front and rear. handling changed to overall a more sporty feel. Wheel hop was gone. Brakes upgraded to GTS front's and 968 cast holed rotors on the rear.

I needed more traction so I upgraded to 18x9 & 18x12 Fikse wheels with 265/35/28 & 335/30/18 Bridgestone KDW's. When I went to 335's I noticed a noticeable wiggle from the rear during cloverleaf's specifically and it seemed like the progressive rate springs were abruptly changing rates mid turn. The KDW tires were nice and predictable and would chirp and squeal before completely loosing grip under hard cornering.

Current setup is Hypercoil 400 front 250 rear linear springs and the externally adjustable Koni's have been re dampened for these spring rates. Tires are still 265/35/18 & 335/30/18 but have changed to Pirelli's. I've replaced all of the rear lower control arms except the Weissach bushing. The plan is to drive and test to see if my linear springs solved the wiggle in the turns. If not the next step is to pin the Weissach to determine if that is causing the wiggle. Only time will tell. I went with the 400.250 srping rates as it is a street car, and if I need more spring I can go up. Brakes have been upgraded yet again to Ferrari F50 front calipers and rotors(355mm) rears have been upgraded to 993tt rear calipers and rotors.
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