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By Erik N
Posted in OT as well, but my subscription is gonna run out soon...

Want a Crew Cab w/ 8' bed. SRW. 4 discs.
Prefer a Ford.
I know some of them had issues.
Gas or Diesel, open to ideas.
Basic model, no frills. Bench seats OK.
Snowplow option would be nice.
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By Fox_

You hear bad things about the 6.0 powerjoke.
The v10 gassers get about 10mpg
...and the used price on diesel trucks can be outrageous.

Are you planning on towing a lot with it? If not I'd go for the gasser, as long as it's not the 3 valve engine that have all the issues in the 150s.
By Gretch
what is your budget?

pre ammonia EPA bullshit if you are interested in diesel for short hauls, plowing kinda stuff.

I have a 2018 big gas motor, boss plow package.......... I love it. crew cab and an 8 ft bed is gonna have a turning radius of about a half a mile!!!!!!!! I am not sure they even make one that long!

not good in plowing conditions.

mine is a crew with a 6.5' bed......... I have to be careful not to sideswipe things in a turn, especially with the plow on the front. without the plow it is 20.5' long........... plow adds a few more feet.
By Streck-Fu
Erik N wrote: Sat Aug 15, 2020 11:32 am Posted in OT as well, but my subscription is gonna run out soon...
My subscription ran out over 4 years ago....
By Erik N
Gretch, I hear ya about the length. I had a 1990 back in the day, crew cab w/ 8' bed.
I could always get a dedicated snowplow rig as well, but that's another vehicle to maintain.
I remember you buying that big bitch.
How does you wife like it? Does she drive it?
By Gretch
She likes it but big vehicles are not her bag for driving......... she loves riding it.... but zero interest in driving it.

I am a year into ownership and I am still giddy over it.............. plows like a futher mucker!
By Erik N
^ I remember when my wife would get into the '90, with the kids in back, saying "We're going to the Feed Store to pick up some stuff."
That was a $500-$600 bill, every time. Not including the fuel.
Don't have a pic of the truck. It was painted a Chevy color by the PO, who was a retired cop.
My sister named it Tropical Blue Metallic
I traded it for my tan Suburban. We both did it sights unseen, just seemed like the right thing to do. Worked out fine from 2000 miles apart.
Hell, neither one of us saw the truck we were trading until maybe a year after.
By JDS968
I'd go for a 1989-1998 Cummins Ram W250/2500, but that's just me.
By Fox_
^^^Always the brand ambassador, even when off, huh.

I sort of want one of the old square bodies, first gen cummins.

For ford,

I know where an early 2000s(7.3) 350, regular cab, manual transmission, with a flatbed sits. Low miles. Only issue is they'd never part with it! It's sitting as a mostly unused fleet truck. Though, the guy that runs the trucking, and holding on to it, was planning on retiring.
Found it on google maps.
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By Erik N
Yeah, there are a bunch of those old square bodies poking around up here.
My wife actually wanted to trade my '88 V20 Burb for her 2014 F150. I said no.
I would buy the truck down TX way, pick up some stuff, dogs and wife included, drive it North.
By JDS968
Fox_ wrote: Sat Aug 15, 2020 1:51 pm^^^Always the brand ambassador, even when off, huh.
Yeah, a lot of the reason I work for Chrysler is that I've always been a Mopar guy. Don't get me wrong, we've made some turds, who hasn't? You'll never see me tell anybody to buy a PT Cruiser.

I really want a red 12 valve Cummins '96-'98 3500 dually double cab as a tow vehicle some day though.
By Erik N
Oklahoma and Kansas are close enough.
By rlm328
A lot of good options listed. A lot depends on your price point. The older diesels while having good engines the suspensions are starting to go bad on them and if you do not mind replacing bushings and such then it is a good deal. Do not get a Ford navistar engine after the 7.3 they are junk and are looking for a place to blow up. The 7.3 unfortunately is getting long in the tooth and does not have near the performance of the newer engines. The Ford 6.7 is an excellent engine that had a few teething problems with the 2011 model, primarily about water in the fuel destroying the fuel system and it needing replacing. I have an F250 6.7 and I use it as my daily driver. The damn thing rides better when it is towing something. I have a 26' enclosed car trailer that I pull with it, which it does with ease.
By Landseer
I'll ask my son and report back. There are some extremely bad versions of the 250 super duty ford engine. He bought one of them and it has cost dearly. I think he has over 15 k cash in it just for repairs. The heads, extreme high pressure injection pump that grinds up and pollutes the engine oil and turbo that I think shares engine oil are all part of what I remember he faced. I think this is a 2008 but might be newer.
Body had to be lifted for access. Word is to always opt for Cummins engine.

There are stories of small businesses that were driven to bankruptcy by versions of this truck for fleet. He only had one. Had to clear out retirement account to recover.

Be careful. Will report back though to clarify
By JimV8
I have a 250 7.3 2002 super cab that I got for a good price last year, the body was very good, the interior excellent, in leather. It had a bad oil pan that kept it from passing safety so I knew that going in. Fords approach to the problem is engine removal so motor can be flipped upside down. Very very expensive and beyond the value of the truck. Of course somebody figured there was an other way and posted that on YouTube. Before I go further, don’t believe everything you see on YouTube. In short I pulled the old pan and got a new one in. Of all the repairs I’ve ever done on anything it was by far the most difficult mind fucking back breaking job from hell that just kept giving. But I goterdun. On top of the cost of the pan I also had to replace the rad because the YouTube guy omitted a detail. But what the hell a new rad on an old truck is not a bad thing. Also did front rotors and did bearings too, ebrake backing plates were iffy so got new ones. I scrapped the bottom of the truck and painted it with a Canadian version of POR15 and top coated that in light gray, truck looks great and drives like a dream. A few other little things to deal with when I get back up north.
Last edited by JimV8 on Sat Aug 15, 2020 6:49 pm, edited 1 time in total.
By tooloud10
Depends on the budget. I had an '05 F250 with the 6.0 International Powerstroke a while back and really enjoyed it but definitely had some problems. After filling up with diesel one day it really started running rough--took it to the dealer and they said 7/8 of the injectors were testing bad. Truck had a Ford Fleet warranty (90k miles on it) and they refused to replace the eighth injector. I laughed because I wasn't paying the bill for any of it, but the whole thing seemed silly.

I will say the truck did feel like it could pull my house off its foundation. It looked great and towed well. Got myself into some situations that other trucks would not have handled.
By yellowducman
7.3 if you want to go diesel. Take it from someone who has a 6.0. Gas is a good choice also. I like the 6.7's but they are out of my price range.
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