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By fpena944
We all buy and drive Porsches for different reasons. For some the Porsche is a trophy where keeping miles low is of critical importance. But then you have owners like me who want to squeeze as much value out of my purchase as possible.

As a result our 2011 Cayenne Turbo now has about 185k miles on it. This vehicle has been up and down the east coast and has pulled trailers, moved furniture, and conduct daily driver duties, especially for my wife, for the past 7+ years that we've owned it.

This past week we had planned to visit our in-laws in Western Pennsylvania. It's a drive we've done many times before but this time we were going to add a little side trip. My son had never been to an NFL game and since my first experience at a pro game was in Orchard Park, NY to watch the Buffalo Bills, I figure since we're in the area we might as well go. I had this all planned out but unfortunately snowmageddon hit Western NY so on a whim we changed our plans to follow the team to Detroit, MI where they played a "home" game at Ford Field.

From there we headed to Toronto, ON where we got to see the NHL's Stanley Cup for the first time in person. Soon after we drove down to Buffalo and back to Western PA for some turkey and rest. The final day was spent visiting the Flight 93 Memorial which was the site the last plane lost during 9/11 fell.

The CTT performed flawlessly the whole time. We started our trip with temperatures in the mid 60s in NC, encountered temps in the teens in Canada, and then ended up back in higher temps on the trip home. We only had three in the vehicle the whole time but the hardly-used heated steering wheel and heated seats really came in handy during this trip. I had intentionally put all-season tires on the car a few months ago just in case we had hit some snow. We did but not enough to really affect our ability to drive through the roads.

I kept the car in "normal" suspension mode and transmission setting but even so it comfortably transported us in above-the-speed-limit speeds for hours at a time. The ride was smooth, overtaking other slow vehicles was simple, and the wind/tire noise was tiresome at all. About my only complaints were the slightly slower shifts with the tiptronic compared to the PDK in my Cayman, and of course the thirsty nature of the engine with those higher speeds. I think we got around 18 MPG when pushing it a bit, but at one point we were stuck behind some vehicles at slower speed and the "miles left" gauge was actually going up and not down as it was finding some additional MPG at those speeds.

Overall this trip validated what I always knew about the CTT - it may not be the absolute perfect vehicle but I could do much worse with selecting a something else for such an epic trip.

Here are a few pics from our adventures:

Something we hardly ever see - our CTT with road salt on it:
The poor pampered and garaged baby with frost all over it. Thankfully I remembered to buy one of those ice scrapers before the trip!
On the streets of the Motor City:
The overall trip but of course it wasn't all done in one day:
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By fpena944
amdavid wrote: Wed Nov 30, 2022 11:06 am Hail to the king of SUV's!! Good stuff Fernando. Our 2011 S is at 131,xxx and runs like a champ, looks fantastic and absolutely loves the cold weather.

I'm the same way with my Porsche's, squeeze'em good!
Yeah the only one with low miles right now is my Cayman with around 27k. But the 996 and 958 are both approaching 200k miles. Use 'em if you got 'em! :biggrin:

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