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By Skyhawk172
Took the Cayenne out last Sunday to a wedding we were going to. But decided to go to a Starbuck's for a bladder break as there was no bathroom at the wedding venue. As I was getting out, I noticed a few drops of liquid on the ground, and I looked to see if I had drove thru a puddle when I noticed a what looked like coolant on the top of my shoe. Upon further investigating I notice coolant dripping down the transmission tunnel on to the gas pedal so that is where I got it on my shoe. So, my Question is what coolant hoses goes thru the firewall into the passenger compartment? and if anybody as a service manual for something like this a picture of that page would helpful.
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By XR4Tim
It's not a great diagram, but it's what I've got. The intent is to show the coolant flow, so the layout is not going to match what you see under the hood. My pen is pointing at the heater core, and the two lines attached to it are the ones that go through the firewall.

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