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By fpena944
We generally don't venture into town to get anywhere near the Porsche dealer but today we did and took a close look at the new Cayennes.

Very nice but of course priced at a premium compared to what we were used to several years ago when purchasing ours.

In any case we decided to take the scenic route home which was the fateful decision that made our day quite an adventure!

Stopped at a light and it turns green. I go and I hear a pretty loud boom and I feel some slight shimmying on the vehicle. I quickly switch to tire pressure display and see my pressure going down about 5 pounds every 10 seconds. Quickly I pull over into a residential neighborhood and get off to the side. It's been about 45 seconds and the tire is down 30 pounds so I know it's pretty serious.

Get outside and can't see any damage so I figure I'm just going to attach the spare. Remove it, start to fill, and notice it's not getting above 10 PSI. Ok maybe my the stock compressor is faulty?

Decide to walk down to an auto parts store that's about 1/2 mile away and come back with a bottle of fix-a-flat and a new compact compressor. Hook up the fix-a-flat and it spews out of the bottom of the tire. I move the car up slightly and there is a huge piece of metal sticking out of it. Tire is shot!

Go back to filling the spare and even with the new compressor it's only getting to 10 PSI. I remove the compressor hose and realize it's missing the little valve inside the valve stem. Time to call AAA!

Thankfully they arrive in about 5 minutes and tow me back home.

I attach a valve to the valve stem and still I'm getting no air into the spare. Why? Because the bead isn't set. I'm not about to try the starter fluid trick and using the ratcheting straps didn't work so tomorrow the spare goes the tire shop to get the bead reset. Oh and I ordered a new set of tires to be delivered on Thursday and installed in our driveway.

So the scenic route set me back over $1500 and maybe 4 hours of my life. Fun times but glad that we were in town and that AAA was SO responsive!

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