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By DAVfoto
Something odd happened to today for a short little bit.

I put my GTS into manual mode but the TQ didn't lock up like it's supposed to and the engine would rev up a little too much when I punched it in 6th, 7th and 8th. Well not punched it but put the pedal to the floor to test this out. Then it would not blip the throttle on downshift while in sport mode. Basically if I was doing say 70 in 8th, in the GTS that is a little less than 2k rpms, if I pushed the pedal down it pushed the rpms to around 3.2k. It shouldn't. be doing that, it should push the car at the same rpms it was at when no gas was applied.

I slipped it back into auto, 10 minutes later and put it back into manual mode and then sport mode and everything was fine. Quite odd..
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