Watercooled 911s
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By Gregs04.5
I sometimes search for parts on ebay, especially older stuff like when I was reviving my 944, and I've found that the ebay seller calling themselves "partscontainer" has almost always had what I need, and beats the Pelican by up to 30% on their pricing.

Recently I've gotten a few emails from Eeuropatrs, and looked up a few items I'll be needing for the Carrera this winter, they had what want in stock, (clutch, brake pads, RMS, L&N IMS bearing, and puller/install kit, all at 25-30% less than most others. I'm all about saving a few bucks, and this order is substantially less than most other vendors. And parts all appear to be genuine.

Anybody else deal with them? anything bad or wrong with doing business with them?

By fpena944
My dad swears by eBay for ordering parts. Not be necessarily this vendor but just buying OEM or replica parts off of these generic vendors and getting a substantial discount in the process.

Don't think I'd trust these vendors for critical stuff like brakes but otherwise it can probably save a lot of money.
By fpena944
N_Jay wrote: Sat Sep 04, 2021 5:44 pm High volume parts like brakes are where they are best.
Yeah I know prices are great in these cases but something subject to such stress and critical to safety I just feel better going with the trusted solution.

Not to say those don't go bad too but at least they have deeper pockets when you sue! :biggrin:
By N_Jay
Yep, but brake parts are actually pretty simple.
Most of the stuff I got from them is MB OEM parts, like oil or brake reservoir caps, gasket sets and the such.
Brake parts a unusual find even cheaper elsewhere, and hardly ever use OEM for brakes.
By JBRob007
Just did a quick google search and there’s a dozen posts warning people off…. Bait & switch aftermarket for OEM, etc. I’ve never dealt with them personally.
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