Aircooled 911s
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By eflight
Started digging into my new purchase. I knew it did not have a radio, and that the old one had been removed along with the amp and alarm system. What I did not know was the hack job they did of the removal and the clear hack job of the initial install before that.

Looking underneath the dash I found lots of cut wires, wires that lead to nowhere and wires that were still live with 12V. Found that one when it hit the bulkhead and sparked.

I found a black speaker wire that had been cut, no voltage and measured 50 ohms. It went to the door through the bulkhead grommet. I pulled the 2 speakers on the door. the midrange was connected with colored wire, and had 2 wires left in the bundle that were cut off and not connected to the tweeter. The Tweeter had been hooked up with the black speaker wire, but it was cut off the tweeter. The tweeter wasn't hooked up to anything. But yet the meter showed 50 Ohms on the black wire. I would have ignored the wire, but that hot wire I found earlier told me I could not ignore wires lying around.

So off came the door card. That was fun. And low and behold I find that they had cut the wire off the tweeter to hook up to the door lock indictor switch. They must have been having issues with the alarm and used the wire to fix it rather than run a new wire to the door. ARgh....

I took off the center console to see if the wires went to the fader control. Nope those were cut off at the switch.
So then where were all the speaker wires going ? There was nothing under the seat.

Wires went behind the foot well. So off came that rug. Took off the foot board and I found 2 crossover boxes for the door speakers on the back of the board. Found the old speaker wires cut off but still there as well.

I'm still hunting for the wires for the rear speakers. And I still have a few other cut dangling wires that I need to figure out.

Unfortunately the previous owner passed away, so nobody to ask and nobody to yell at.

I still have to buy a radio for the car. And an amp as well if I want to use the cross over boxes, assuming they work.

But as my wife pointed out, I did buy the car to have something to do.

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By eflight
Found even more wiring fun

The instrument panel lights on the vent controls were not working. I found the loose wire on that one under the dash. They work now. Though it looks to be missing 1 of the light holders. Ordered LEDs to upgrade from the old bulbs as well.

The aux heater blower was disconnected in the engine compartment. Connected that back up. Appears to work fine.

Thankfully somebody on Pelican Parts forum noticed that the hose clamp might be hitting the throttle linkage and gave me a head up on that one. So that was fixed before anything bad happened
The cruise control cable needs to be replaced as well.

I ordered a radio so I get to tear into all that wiring again to hook everything up,

Also got a new top windshield targa seal as Porsche screwed up making replacement parts for that and mine has the wrong seal on it.


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