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By fpena944
Matt55 wrote: Wed Mar 10, 2021 9:01 pm Image
New cup cars looking good! They are as fast as they look with a 2:00 minute lap on the first day of testing! What a beast
I went last year but we have other things on schedule for this year. Take pictures and share!
By worf
'bin watchin' VLN races. In particular 24h Nurburg '20 back to '16. Hope to see these beasties kick some Merc GT3 asses.
By Gator_86_951
That is some real boner fuel right there. 2:00 around Sebring is hauling the mail for sure.
By 911Königin
Have one at the track this weekend..........better know 'your stuff' if you are going up against it :surrender:
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