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By linderpat
All new in the bag. I no longer have my 05 Carrera (not S). These were left over, as I always swapped out pads for track duty, so I had new hardware always at the ready. Here is the list:

~Caliper bolt set - 999 073 402 01 (4 bolts in package)
~Front brake hardware kit springs and pins - 900 269 047 01 (2 springs and 2 pins)
~Used kit same as above, in excellent condition
~Front brake pad shims 996 351 088 02 for front calipers - 4 shims - two per side
~Rear brake pad shims - 996 352 086 00 and 996 352 086 02 (8 shims total, 4 per caliper which fit large and smaller holes)

These are for an 05, but I think they'll fit any non-S up through 2008. You need to check, or someone who knows for sure can chime in.

First $75 takes it all (plus shipping) PM me.

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