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By Own Goal
Ok, not a car but like I said need space for my workshop. Tired of moving this big boy around. It’s four years old but not used much at all in the past three years. Maybe has 20 hours or so on it. Needs a battery form sitting around and not using it. Pull stars second pull. Northern Tool say “wet steam” but even after changing out O rings to silicone ones it’s not a great idea. Works well if stay around 180 degrees. Thought I’d drop it here before Craig’s List. I paid full boat but like the current ad says often on sale for $3,800. I’d like to have $2,900.
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By fpena944
Feel free to post here too as the search engines tend to highlight these pages since they're optimized for eCommerce:


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By Fox_
Don't need it.

However, have a story, welcome or not.

Back at an old job years ago, marine crude terminal. Marketing geniuses got a hold of a load of VGO from god knows where. Somehow the ~60 degree transition temperature of the product never made it down the line of communication.

It got cold the next night, morning after we had a 1/4 mile of pipeline plugged with which can only be described as something the consistency of something between dog pile & soft serve icecream. Only it smelled worse. I distinctly remember opening a 1" valve and watching it slowly ooze out and coil out like a dog pile. :roflmao:

Ended up with 5 or so steam pressure washers as listed above, the idea(not mine), was these were going to heat the pipeline enough to melt the obstruction. It didn't work.

They are good for cleaning greasy equipment!
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By Own Goal
Does that well along with a lot of other uses. It’s just too big to mess with by myself and takes up room. Usually just use my little Honda pressure washer. It will do wet steam but eats hi temp silicone O rings. Too much trouble.
Thanks Fernando, I’ll do that tomorrow.
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By Voith
I've never seen one of these in person. Not sold or extremely unpopular in europe. I wonder why.
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By Own Goal
Odd, but in my business travels see things here or over there that don’t make the trip. Simple stuff like McDonalds in The Netherlands isn’t open for breakfast. That was a surprise. It’s just expected over here. Also no Chinese families running donut shops. We got those everywhere.
As far as equipment goes I was in Oldenzaal training on gear at a vendor a few years ago. Owner was showing me some other products they manufacture and wanted to know if I thought there would be a US market for some. His big hit in Europe was a roadside grass edger that used a gas flame. Works great in Europe since native grasses stay green in the winter, over here dies, goes dry and springs are always causing range fires. So, no go.
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By SeanR
My father used to have one in his shop and it was a wonderful tool to have for cleaning up greasy car things. When he first got it we fired it up so I could wash my MGB and damned if it didn't take the paint right off the drivers side fender very quickly. Learned a lesson fast on it. Been looking for one to have at the house here but room has kept me from jumping on one. This is a really good deal.
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By Own Goal
You know you need it. You want it. In fact.....you deserve it!
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